sinus-XL 6F

The perfect solution for straight vessel segments of the aorta and vena cava: Aortic stenoses and dissections, Vena cava compression syndrome
  • 6F application device with smallest puncture site for aorta and vena cava
  • Maximum radial force due to the closed-cell stent design especially developed for straight vessel segments
  • Fully repositionable (up to 80% at nominal size) for perfect stent placement with maximum security. No stent migration during the stent deployment due to the Anti-Jump Technique™

Application SystemStent ØStent LengthAdapted to guide wireOrder-Nr.
F / cmmmmminch
6F / 100 cm14300.0357314-6030
6F / 100 cm14400.0357314-6040
6F / 100 cm14600.0357314-6060
6F / 100 cm14800.0357314-6080
6F / 100 cm141000.0357314-6100
6F / 100 cm16300.0357316-6030
6F / 100 cm16400.0357316-6040
6F / 100 cm16600.0357316-6060
6F / 100 cm16800.0357316-6080
6F / 100 cm161000.0357316-6100
Box: 1 PCS